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Separate yourself from the crowd.
Build the most exciting homes in the DC Metro market


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Be a visionary for your DC and Northern Virginia buyers. With our tailored approach, we create a luxuriously unique automated environment that sets you apart. A system easy to use and designed for energy efficiency. Your homeowners will be stepping into more than a new house, they'll be stepping into the future.

Whether you're building high-end homes in Great Falls or apartment complexes in Fairfax, today's consumers want automation. While traditionally an aftermarket product, technology like smart thermostats and voice-activated lights are becoming mainstream. Developers who want to build ahead of market demands have been pre-installing smart tech to differentiate themselves and stand out as ahead of the curve, consumer conscious and eco-friendly. Wise makes it easy for developers to expand a home automation offering that's dependable and fully backed by our commitment to service.


We know you have budgets and timelines. That's why we have designed automation options that are cost-effective, simple to install, simple for residents to use, and bring great value to prospective buyers. We know that when you differentiate your product, you sell your stock faster.

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Security Camera


Today, security means more than watching out for bad guys. Cameras and motion sensors sense more than just light and movement. Smart security systems monitor for environmental threats like flooding and pollutants. Electronic door locks allow residents to remotely control their doors and grant access to the delivery people or workers. Video recordings help identify problems and make sure work was done correctly. Lighting can be programmed to make it seem like someone is moving throughout the home. These types of systems will be commonplace in a few years and consumers will have become used to being able to do things like let in workers remotely.


Keep in mind that as a benefit to your residents, insurance companies are offering discounts to owners and renters who have smart security technology.


Lighting is a resident's second highest energy cost after heating and air conditioning. It accounts for an average of 10% of people’s electric bills. That cost can be reduced with smart technology. Today's optical sensors are so sophisticated that they can sense when someone leaves a room and adjust the lights accordingly. Smart lighting can also be turned off and on remotely so residents can turn off all the lights in the house or make sure outdoor lights are on. This can be done from the bedroom or from the other side of the globe.


Centralized lighting systems provide an opportunity to present even small properties in a professionally staged setting. Wise can create programming that changes with the time of day, weather conditions, and the presence of people in a room.

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Designed Table Lamps


The home automation systems that we build utilize smart power monitoring to keep 'energy vampires' from rising up and sucking unneeded electricity. Many of today's home electronics use energy even when they are turned off. Smart outlets manage power consumption so well that homes and apartments outfitted with them save an average of $200 per year. These systems even use motion detection, similar to lighting, to power down electronics when someone walks out of the room. The system also can be programmed to wake upon resident re-entry


Smart water heater controls address the energy usage, inefficiencies and grid integration opportunities inherent in our water heating and plumbing systems today. Traditional water heaters account for around 18% of the average home’s utility bill. Residential consumers in the United States spend $32B annually on water heating energy, the 3rd largest load in the home behind HVAC and lighting. Studies suggest that between 10-30% of water heating energy can be saved by intelligent control.



Locks are not the only entryway feature that has had an IQ growth spurt. Doorbells can come to you rather than the other way around. Residents can answer their door from an app, adjust lighting, speak to visitors, and even let them in.


Automated shades can react to movement, the weather report, and time of day. If no one is home, the shades can be programmed to open and close to help with heating and cooling the home. This too will be reflected in reduced energy costs. We can program shades to preserve furniture and reduce UV exposure to art. The shades themselves now come in many style choices.

Curtains and Blinds


Living with a background of light, color, sound, and style conveys an appeal that is not only fashionable and futuristic but practical and eco-friendly. Wise creates home automation frameworks from simple to complex and we work independently or with your existing tradesmen in our mission to create homes with higher incentives than the traditional norm. Be part of a groundbreaking way to create a ready environment that is fully integrated and not pieced together with endless headaches. Our systems come move-in ready. Your residents will move into an auto-configured environment needing simple input to create their personalized space.

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