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Every lost minute costs money.

So save your company hours of time by creating better operational efficiency through automation


Office Building


Wise's institutional and commercial automation division services everything from buildings to classrooms.

Automation is a priority for many companies. We can help you build systems that operate from one centralized location. You save time and money at all levels from simplified building management to reduced energy consumption. Building managers can access their areas through device interfaces. Air, heat, temperature control, power consumption monitoring, and video surveillance become one system utilizing the latest security. Your automation tools can be accessed from anywhere.

Here are just some of the things a Wise Automation system can do:

  • Cut Down on Wasted Time

  • Reduce Energy Consumption

  • Improve Accessibility and Accountability

  • Create Better Intuitive Environments

  • Provide Better Safety

  • Cut Down Time Spent on Documentation

  • Improved Communications

  • Serve More Accurate and Actionable Data

  • Provide Real-Time Reporting

  • Simplify Data Displays

Teenagers in Library

The Future is Under Way

More schools and workplaces are abandoning old models. Classroom and workplace attendance and productivity no longer need to be managed by location. Attendance systems can allow for more free flowing movement of people. Workers and students can have more control over where and how they do work. Models that allow for more decision making on the part of students and workers have been shown to promote greater productivity.


Some of the benefits of automation technology have yet to be fully understood or realized. Automated lights that follow natural light levels have demonstrated benefits in the classroom and hospital room.

Safety & Security

This is most important of all. Our systems can reduce the amount of time it takes to respond to an emergency. Command and control systems available to authorized personnel can remotely close and lock doors, and begin PA messaging. Automated emergency alerting can also be instituted

Key in the Lock

Wise Automation provides:

Scalable Systems

Solutions that can adapt to change. We will create systems that adjust to fit your needs today and in the future.


Automation that is both easy to integrate and use.


A building network that's connected across locations and available to all relevant personnel. And communicate efficiently through open systems that ensure equipment compatibility in
the future.

A Wise automation system can provide an automated notification workflow for teams, managers, and affected departments.


The time for complicated controls is yesterday. How many office conference room drawers are full of old remotes for technology that's not even in use. We simplify things down to one simple access control app.


We understand our place in helping your company implement automated systems. Our job is to enable you to make quick decisions and act on them. Each building system is unique and individually built for ones who need to know how to use out systems - our clients. Simplicity and quality is what we’re all about.


Get in touch today to discuss how Wise and implement automation that serves your needs.

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