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From The Beltway to the backyard.

Life in Northern Virginia- under your control.


Buying a House


Home should be comfortable, efficient, secure place. Whether you need faster, more stable Wifi, smart thermostats to save energy or security cameras to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones we can do the job. Let us help you figure out what comfort, efficiency and safety through intelligent automation feels like for you.

Why do you want a smarter home?
Because not only does automation give you easy access to your stuff for supreme comfort - a smart home is more efficient, secure and valuable as well.

Home automation should make your life easier. Done incorrectly, home automation will end up a confusing pile of incompatible devices, frustrating programming, inaccessible systems, and things that just don’t work. The reality is that today your home can exceed the notions of a 20th Century science fiction film while working seamlessly and reliably- especially when it's designed, installed, and maintained by a pro team of Wise technicians.


We design home automation on the principle of comfort. For our purposes, comfort has four aspects: physical, emotional, instinctual, and financial.


This boils down to answering four questions about how things work best for you:

Home Electronics
  • How do you want your home to 'feel'?

  • What are the things you want to control with the swipe of an app?

  • What are the things you worry about that automation will let you
    better manage? 

  • How will automation reduce your energy bill and carbon footprint?

Bright Living Room

How automation creates a more personalized space

Have you ever sat in your living room wishing the thermostat was up just a few degrees, unable to decide what to watch, whether to put on music or how to adjust the lights? Having the ability to verbally command your home to adjust temperature, lighting, music and television content means you get to focus on enjoying your environment just the way you want it. No more getting up to change a setting somewhere, remembering how to switch between components or which app adjusts the lights.


You may already have pieces for an automated home, but we transform these fragments into a seamless ecosystem that moves with your thoughts at the speed of light.

What are the things you can control with your voice, an app or remote

Here are just some of the things home automation will let you do with a few spoken words, the press of a button on your smartphone or a click on your smart system remote:

  • Set your heating and cooling systems (largest use of electricity in the home)

  • Set your water heater’s temperature (second largest use of electricity in the home)

  • Control the pool, sprinklers, lights, vacuum, kitchen appliances

  • Have immediate awareness of any space in your home 

  • Operate and program motorized windows, blinds or shades

  • Play music and television

  • Access a video intercom system

  • Remotely Lock/Unlock Entry Points

  • Alert neighbors or authorities of any problems

App Screens

Here are a few ways your smart home will communicate with you:

  • Get alerts when someone unlocks the front door

  • Get an activated camera feed when motion sensors are activated

  • Get notified when there is an emergency like a water leak (your system will automatically turn off the water at the main 


How automation makes your home more secure

We all worry about something. Often, it's small things like were the lights left on. In many ways though, automation can help with the big things that are the reason you have a house in the first place.


Better real-time access to your home and its systems allows you to be more present for parenting and caring for loved ones. Security isn't just about cameras catching water leaks and bad guys. Checking in on kids, pets, and elderly or sick family members is far more common home automation usage than the security system catching a robber.


You can make sure your kids get home from school, and once they've made it home safely you can make sure they are doing what they're supposed to be doing - chores, homework, pet care, etc.


Worried about leaving a pet too long? Check in with your companion through the security cameras and even talk to your pet through the intercom.


Check in with an elderly parent while in-home care is present to make sure your loved one is receiving the care they deserve.


Most of the worries that keep floating in and out of your mind can be made easier to take care of through a Wise home automation system.

How home automation reduces energy consumption

By having access to your home automation system at any time of day or night and from any location in the world, you can check in on every room in the house and turn off lights or adjust the temperature. You can reset thermostats based on local weather changes. 'Every-light-in-the-house-is-on' syndrome that so many teens and young adults suffer from can be managed from your bedroom or hotel room. Lights out for the little ones at bedtime too.


New smart thermostats are much simpler to manage and do a much better job at conserving energy than previous generations of smart thermostats. They can react and adjust the temperature based on whether someone is at home, adjusting themselves when someone enters and exits. Today's smart thermostats can save you up to $200 a year.

Home Theater Room

The future is knocking. Let it in. 

Finally, you can have peace of mind with your home entertainment system. That's right, peace of mind. It's all thanks to our Wise ability to automate using the most reliable, easy to integrate, and easy to use products.


You can have music flowing throughout your home, voice-activated channel guides, an all-access security system, and a thousand other options. It's entirely up to you. We design every automation system by getting to know what makes your life easier.


Some Options to Consider:

  • Programmed Music

  • Programmed Lighting

  • Outdoor 4K Television

  • Outdoor audio systems

  • Security Camera Monitoring

New things are happening in lighting that will dramatically improve how consumers use and experience their homes.


The lighting market is vast with many options for fixtures and bulbs. Compatibility and installation issues are particularly complicated, another reason Wise expertise is what's needed to create an automated home that works for you every day.

Options include:

  • Smart Lamps

  • Color Control

  • Timers

  • Remote Access

  • Wall Switches and Touchpads

  • Wireless Control

  • Voice Control

Don't wait any longer. Get to know your home automated system by contacting us today.

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