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Home WIFI System Installation In the DC Metro Area

The Advantages of Having a Reliable Home WIFI System 


Wifi for your work from home office or school from home classroom is great- until it isn't.

Your Zoom call is humming along  your kid's homework videos are playing smoothly; next thing you know the screen is frozen, speech comes through in spurts, pixels fill your screen. Your children begin to complain as their video lags and a spinning circle fills the screen.

Sound familiar? It has been for a lot of people here using wifi at home here in the DMV during our new pandemic lifestyle.

According to a popular website, there are almost TWO DOZEN reasons your home network could be freezing or lagging, ranging from old router firmware to interference from neighbors and electronics in your own house.

Fortunately, we have the solution. Our WiFi systems are designed to be fast, stable and secure- from the morning Zoom call until family movie night on your favorite streaming service. If you are tired of your  old, slow, choppy and unpredictable home network, let us smooth things out for you so you can get back to being connected. Call us for free over-the-phone consult today!

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